Growing Up

Well being the oldest I was the one to do the wrong thing first. My dads work closed and my mom had to go to work full time. So being the oldest had to quit school to babysit while mom worked. I was in the 10th grade when I quit,really did not want to but in my family you did what mom said, and you did not question her. After dad got back to work mom kept working for a while but grandma was there so they did not need me as much, so got a part time job. The job was good for me for a while because I was very over weight and working with a lot of people made me fell really fat so went on a diet lost a lot of weight walk to work a lot and watched what I ate and was looking pretty good. Then meet someone his name was Rick and I feel head over heels and yes I got pregnant. We got married but it did not work to young and he was hooked on drugs and being so young and living such a boring life did not know. So on October 14, 1978 I became a mom.

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