As we grow up

I had my first daughter when I was 19. Got married at 5 months along because I was in love, first boyfriend still a virgin and I thought he was everything. The marriage did not last he was on drugs really bad and be so young and dumb I really did not know it then. He died when my Daughter Melinda was 8, and even thou he was not around a lot she was very upset. I never have remarried yet and I am now 50 years old. I dated a few different ones along the way, but went no where.

More to Come

Then came Lena, and then James the first son who died when he was a week old. My parents were so hurt. I saw my father cry that day. I was 13, and me and Patty attend the grave side funeral with our parents. My brother is bury on top of my grandfather because times were hard back then and money was hard to come by.

Then came Harry the next son who we all spoiled very badly, I was also to blame, but then it got old. lol Then came the last one the baby Amy I was like 16 when she came around and she was my favorite, still is. We have became very close over the years I guess I am like the mom she dose not have.


Jamie was a sweet child, the one that always worried about her looks and was always on a diet. She had a rough life, while she was on this earth. The first guy she dated, when she tried to break up with him he hung himself and she found him. It was a very hard time for her and she was so young. And the she meet a guy she loved very much, and along came Jessica there daughter. But after Jessica things did not work out for them and that was over. She meet a man James who she thought was all that. And he did care a lot for Jess and that got married. Things were going well for them, and then the bad news came Jamie had breast CANCER. She went for all the test had chemo lost all of her hair and then they told her she was going to be ok. So Jamie and James took Jess and moved away. Then one day Jess called wanting to come home she was sick again. This time the CANCER was in her bones, and they only gave her 6 months to live. It was a rough time for all and we still miss her everyday. My sister Amy( the baby) raised her and she is now 21 with very bad health problems. She has a bad liver and might have to have a transplant.


Patty was the second child and the bad one I would say always trying to push mom's buttons I say it was because they were so much alike. Patty just quit school she hated it. She started working at 16, met a really cool guy that she was madly in love with his name was Ed and he was (gay) no he was but Patty did not find that out till later she was so upset she cried for weeks and was very hard for her. He was young and was confused, he was a nice kid. She dated a couple others and then met Sam was in love with him to and got pregnant Justin was born on August 15,1989.

Growing Up

Well being the oldest I was the one to do the wrong thing first. My dads work closed and my mom had to go to work full time. So being the oldest had to quit school to babysit while mom worked. I was in the 10th grade when I quit,really did not want to but in my family you did what mom said, and you did not question her. After dad got back to work mom kept working for a while but grandma was there so they did not need me as much, so got a part time job. The job was good for me for a while because I was very over weight and working with a lot of people made me fell really fat so went on a diet lost a lot of weight walk to work a lot and watched what I ate and was looking pretty good. Then meet someone his name was Rick and I feel head over heels and yes I got pregnant. We got married but it did not work to young and he was hooked on drugs and being so young and living such a boring life did not know. So on October 14, 1978 I became a mom.

The Beginning

Family of seven children my parents, were busy. I am the oldest my name is Debby I am now 48 years old, Patricia, 44, Jamie 40, Lena 38, James 36, Harry 34, Amy 32. We were a family that was very close. Family parties were always held at our house, and always had someone living with us. Mom wore the pants at our house dad went to work came home had dinner and the watched TV from the bed and mom took care of everything else. Dad mowed the yard shoveled the snow thats about it. Mom did not work out side of the house right then.
My family as I remember it was not a family to show a lot of love do not remember mom and dad kissing each other much in front of us kids. Dad didn't say a lot of any thing mom did the yelling and the orders dad just went along with it.
My mom was very much into her family my mom's side of the family was always coming over for holidays, and just to spend the weekends, some family members lived further away and we they came to visit usually spent the weekend. I remember they played a lot of cards and even thou my parents did not drink they all did and they always brought a lot of beer with them. But mom did not seem to mine because she always invited them back.
My parents fifth child James died when he was only one week old I was old enough to remember the day the policeman came to the door because at the time my dad was lay off work and we had no phone the Childrens Hospital had them came and tell us. It was just a grave side funeral and me and my sister Patty went with our parents. My mom was very upset I remember hearing her tell her sisters that she felt it was the hospitals fault because they used forceps but she said they did not have the money to fight the hospital. It was very hard losing there child when he was the first son. One year latter Harry came along and everyone spoiled him really bad he still is. Then last was Amy the baby and my best friend. I was 16 when Amy came along and kinda made her my baby she was my favorite and still is, every where we go now people think she is my daughter.