Jamie was a sweet child, the one that always worried about her looks and was always on a diet. She had a rough life, while she was on this earth. The first guy she dated, when she tried to break up with him he hung himself and she found him. It was a very hard time for her and she was so young. And the she meet a guy she loved very much, and along came Jessica there daughter. But after Jessica things did not work out for them and that was over. She meet a man James who she thought was all that. And he did care a lot for Jess and that got married. Things were going well for them, and then the bad news came Jamie had breast CANCER. She went for all the test had chemo lost all of her hair and then they told her she was going to be ok. So Jamie and James took Jess and moved away. Then one day Jess called wanting to come home she was sick again. This time the CANCER was in her bones, and they only gave her 6 months to live. It was a rough time for all and we still miss her everyday. My sister Amy( the baby) raised her and she is now 21 with very bad health problems. She has a bad liver and might have to have a transplant.

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